Swift Midnights

Introducing our Taylor Swift-inspired candle collection, where the essence of her music and themes come to life in captivating scents. Each handcrafted candle in this collection is thoughtfully designed to evoke powerful emotions and transport you to enchanting moments. Carefully curated to complement her poetic storytelling and emotional depth available for a Limited Time only!

1. "Lavender Haze" - Living in that lavender haze.. you'll just want to stay! Drift into a dreamy haze of calming lavender, soothing your senses and taking you on a journey of self-reflection.
2. "Midnight Rain" - Charming like sunshine but you are midnight rain. Experience the magical allure of a moonlit night with the subtle fragrance of dew-kissed petals and rain-soaked earth.
3. "Karma" - Sweet notes like honey, ocean breeze through your hair. Embrace the balance of life with this intriguing blend of warm spices and earthy notes, reminding you that what goes around comes around.